Top Ten Interesting Concept Car

INI ROCKETMAN a 3 +1 seat concept car design, 3, 3 meters long car of the future metropolis of personal response to all the basic needs of mobile lifestyle, MINI ROCKETMAN concept of carbon structural frame, double hinge door design for the structure of the passengers out of vehicles more convenient. MINI lightweight seat design follow the traditional style, but the location varied and diverse, you can achieve maximum driving pleasure. Two-stage tailgate design by upper and lower parts. Connecting the top part of the roof, up the opening angle is very high; the lower


Smart forspeed concept car in the tradition of intellectual interest in the unique features of smart at the same time, not only to meet the transport needs of the contemporary city, but also bring more fun to drive. This Forspeed Speedster with the traditional model of design features, including its frameless windshield, striking the back of the cockpit structure and weatherproof dome seats. The electric power transmission system is used in a motor installed in the rear of the car, the maximum output power of 40 hp, but when you start over pressurized power output can be

China EV concept car from the power system with permanent magnet synchronous motor and lithium battery power output, all the drivers are by motor and lithium batteries to provide, truly a “zero emissions.” Electric power system in the front, rear-wheel drive mode, the maximum power of the Chinese EV concept car of up to 47kW, the maximum torque of 120N

LACOSTE abandoned the previous concept car “more comprehensive” concept, turned to a more lightweight way of life close to the future cars are more concerned about the nature proposed a new concept. Power, the car will continue to use the three-cylinder small displacement engine, while the use of LED lighting part of all light, thin almost before the car is almost no headlights, in order to reduce costs, many models use a new material, this non-metallic material not only has a very low weight, but can match the hardness of metal.

ZAP Alias is forever a source of cooperation with the ZAP electric concept car from Europe and the U.S. made major design and development engineering teams. The most interesting is his three-wheeled motorcycle similar design. Although the pure electric drive, but the maximum speed can reach 160 km / hour. 0-96.6 km / h in just 7.8 seconds.