Top 10 tips for feeling safe when your kid is playing free car racing games online.

We all know a variety of web browsing and that this can be lots of fun and educative information, but also lots of negative and bad information; not to mention the worms and  the viruses that can attack your PC.  I’m going to present you my top 10 tips for feeling safe when your kid is playing online car racing games. In my opinion the next 10 tips are the most important things that will make me trust that a young boy will play safe online.


  1. Always choose the free game website together: you and your kid. Before you do that is not a bad idea to have a look and make a selection. As I said is good to pick together the site, but it will be the best to choose from racing car websites already chosen.
  2. Bookmark the sites you like. This is quite an easy thing to do and even more, you can make a shortcut on your bookmark tool bar. Every browser have this option and is easy to use.
  3. If you really like a site and your child is asking you every day to play the same game or game types you can make the website your home page. Also, if your child is a young boy is really easy to open his favorite free car racing game just clicking your browser from your desktop.
  4. Be sure that your antivirus is turn on and is up to date. A virus is just a click away.
  5. If you find an inappropriate site go to your browser option and block it, on the other hand if it is a nice one mark it as a trust site.
  6. Don’t forget to install the soft required. Usually the soft is flash or java. By doing this you prevent pop-ups or reminders and your child is not clicking on other stuff or installing by mistake another soft.
  7. Another important issue is your child posture and the distance between the monitor and your child’s eyes. The child should stay in a proper chair and with his back straight. Also the distance between the monitor and your child’s eyes should be at 25+ cm.
  8. Be sure that all the cables are in order and your child is not going to fix the problem. We all know that boys always loved and always will love to fix/repair the problem.
  9. Take care  of your kid’s eyes. Be sure that the light is appropriate, the sun is not orientated directly into the monitor nor from behind the monitor if it is a sunny day. Also, if is dark outside you should turn on the light.
  10. Don’t forget to have fun! All about playing online car games is having fun and choosing good games for you and your child. From time to time spend some time playing with your child.

These are, in my opinion, the 10 tips I’ll apply and I think you should know. I can recommend you to try playing on:,,,,, and many others. Enjoy your relaxing moment by letting your child play free car  racing games online!