The official starting debut with Ferrari FF wheel drive

Most foreign media reports consolidated European car manufacturers have chosen to stand in this year’s Geneva Motor Show posted on its new models. But Ferrari did not choose to do so, the Italian car company has chosen an event held in Maranello officially launched its FF sports car .

Ferrari officials want to emphasize the first point is that this four-wheel drive the station wagon than a sedan rear seat room for children or luggage can only be contained by the 2 +2 models, both the front and rear to accommodate those who ride tall. The same as the 458 Italia, Ferrari’s engineers in the design of this FF will make a lot of focus on a more ergonomic cockpit and adjust the layout of the device, the main regulator devices are located in the steering wheel.

Ferrari for the first time exposure of a new infotainment system: the instrument panel has a double 5-inch display, the central instrument panel touch screen (also integrated into the voice function), the other passengers in the front of a third person may The optional display for consumers, can display speed, engine speed and other information which the stalls. In addition, in the front seat headrest is also embedded within the two screens for rear seat passengers.


In addition, the Ferrari also said, FF’s braking system is not designed for use for the track. The high-end Ferrari FF body will be provided in six colors, including the new Abu Dhabi Maranello red and gray.

In the engines, this FF is a new sports car equipped with the naturally aspirated, direct injection 6.3-liter V12 engine. The engine speed to 8000 rpm can be achieved when the maximum power output of 651 bhp at 6000 rpm rotational speed can reach 683 Nm of peak torque output. Excellent performance of the new FF, 0-62 miles / hour speed process can be completed in 3.7 seconds, top speed of up to 208 miles / hour. Relative ratio, 612 Scaglietti in the acceleration process takes 4 seconds, top speed 199 miles / hour.

Although was equipped with four-wheel drive system, but this FF car weighs only 1790 kg, than its predecessor model light 50 kilograms. This effectively reduces the car’s fuel consumption , this FF can achieve 18.3 mpg fuel economy, carbon dioxide emission volume dropped to 360 g / km, compared with 612 Scaglietti’s fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions are 13.8 mpg and 470 g / km. In addition, this FF is also equipped with the latest SCM3 Ferrari adaptive shock absorbers and new Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes .

It is reported that this year Ferrari FF will also publish the Geneva Motor Show debut.