The newest game from 3D LA Supercars

One of the newest online car racing game is 3D LA Supercars produced by CarTitans. They are one of the top online car games portals. You can check their site here.

The 3D LA Supercars is a car game dedicated for flash games players and websites. The game has a good 3D feeling and it is all about speed and racing. The game play is simple. You have to drive a race car across the levels without hitting too many obstacles and as few traffic cars as possible. You will find 4 different levels and for each level a different super-car. After each level, the money you got by avoiding obstacles can be used to make upgrades on your new car. The upgrades can improve your car’s acceleration, top speed or braking. Note that you can’t buy everything so you have to choose what suits your driving style best.


The graphics are 3D and you see the whole car from behind. In my opinion is a good graphic for a 3D flash game. The cars have a nice design and you can see when you are steering right or left.

Although the game is a new release you can pay it online on different websites like:

3D LA Supercars on

3D LA Supercars on

3D LA Supercars on

I encourage you to visit, you’ll see that they have new games every week.