Shop Easy: Five Car Racing Games That Won’t Let You Down

Are you sick and tired of spending oodles of your hard to acquire cash on car racing games that ultimately fail to deliver the high octane thrills that you crave? There is nothing more dissatisfying about trying to satisfy the addiction than when one returns home from the store after dropping a sizeable amount of cash on car racing games, only to find out that the game they bought is, well, shoddy and boring. To better help you make more proactive game purchasing decisions that will net you gaming joys that you desire, here are our picks for top five car racing games that equate to money well spent.


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: If you own a PS3 and you don’t have this game yet, shame on you. Did you know they spent six months designing each car to make it look more realistic? And you get 50 awesome cars to drive on tons of different tracks. It’s been consistently rated the best racing game ever, and for ample good reasons, too.

Burnout Paradise: For those who love destruction derby, this game is where it’s at. Drive cars that you deck out … and crash THEM! Features 120 locations for huge crashes in a large and detailed free-world city.

NASCAR Kart Racing: If you want to take the serious out of NASCAR and add a splash of humor, this is the game you seek. The funny go-karts feature even more hilarious bobble-headed drivers. Features all pro NASCAR drivers and most tracks. The laughs are up to you, however.

Need for Speed Nitro: This DS and Wii game is lots of fun. You can choose from more than 50 different cars as you try to outrun/outwit the fuzz on your journey to street racing glory.

Forza Motorsport 4: Here are five reasons to get Forza 4. Play with 400 different cars that can be customized and pimped out. Race on 100 tracks. 50 different car makers that are licensed. Brilliant graphics. Awesome controls. The complete racing experience.