OUTLOOK: Sweet New Car Racing Game for iPad & iPhone: “Speed Racer: The Beginning”

We have some awesome car racing games news for you all today folks. We are always scouring the new feeds, talking to inside sources and leaking spoilers and tidbits about various car racing games. And today begs to differ none from the week’s past of our exclusive coverage. In fact, today we have some the best news we have ever had to whet your video gaming palette with. There is a new Speed Racer game coming out for iSO powered devices. If you love Speed, and you are infatuated by the Speed Racer cartoon, this game is a must-have. We will provide you with the details, in today’s coverage.

cariceSpeed Racer: The Beginning – Most other Speed Racer games simply cover the fact that you are Speed and you have a powerful Mach 5 at your disposal to fight evil. They generally don’t follow the story of the original cartoons. But this game does. The makers (Social Games International) even teamed up with Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc. to gain rights to use original episode clips and imagery in the game (featured in between races). Gamers are challenged by a side-scrolling and brilliantly designed car racing game that tasks them with choosing power-ups for their car before and after races, so that they can avoid obstacles on the course like other cars and enemies, rain, oil slicks, falling rocks, and so much more. Do you have what it takes to dominate on the international Formula One circuit with Speed?

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