Online car racing games category

The web is full of free online car games. One of the most popular category is Car Racing Games. This category has a long history and started in the early 1970s as an arcade game and has developed until know and it is still developing. If you had have to go to a special arcade game place and pay a coin-operated entertainment machine, know you can play lots of car racing games online. It is easier to open a browser and just find a game or to get your smart phone and just open the car game app you like.


One of the most appreciated characteristic of this type of game is that is relaxing and easy to play. Usually you just have to pic a game and drive to the finish line. It is a simple way to relax your mind and to become less tense; it helps even if you are a pack of nerves and just feel like driving away from everything. All you have to do is to pick your game and drive – you can go slow or very fast, crash cars, evade the police or just race on a random circuit.

Regarding the controls of the game it’s not a big issue. Usually racing car game online are played with the arrows from your keyboard, but some of them have other keys – for boost for instance. The idea is to race and control the gas (up arrow), brakes (down arrow) and direction (left/right arrow) and to cross the finish line first.

Browsing dedicated car game site, like, you’ll see different type of racing flash games: street racing, drag racing, drift racing, chase racing, speed racing and many other. The vehicles are usually different cars or bikes, but you can find also funny vehicles like a cartoon vegetables cars or super tuned cars.

The strategy of the game play will differ from game to game, so you can play checkpoint game, or you’ll have to get 1st from “X” laps, but the main purpose is still to finish 1st the race.

This kind of free online car games are also appropriate for kids, as almost all of the games are not too violent and is just bumping. Although is recommended to explain to your kid that it’s safe to drive that way only on the game and in real life it’s good to obey the rules – as the rules are for keeping you safe not to restrict your life.