Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show is Europe’s only major annual show, held annually in March, is the major car manufacturers an important platform for launching new products, known as “the trend of the international automotive vane,” said. Because of their importance, many manufacturers will choose the Geneva Motor Show starting new products. At the current Geneva Motor Show, will still be a lot of new cars starting debut, following the downturn in North America before the show, the manufacturers Geneva Motor Show exhibitors have done meticulous preparation and planning. So then we will see in addition to a variety of world debut of new cars, concept cars, some of which will be made of the new car debut. So the fans must not miss the car industry gluttonous feast. Below we offer the Geneva Motor Show, some of the heavy current and expected domestic new car models.


Expected domestic models

Peugeot 308

Peugeot 308 Auto Show will be starting, and will officially go on sale in April. Meanwhile, 2016 is likely to introduce 308 to replace the domestic-made Peugeot 307,2016 Peugeot 308 hatchback hatchback addition to the standard, it also provides the 308CC (coupe convertible), and the 308SW (station wagon) versions, the car The largest surprise is the type introduced a new HDi hybrid technology. 308 be a small change models, made some design changes, but not subversive re-design. Xenon car headlight front the most obvious changes in shape, while the new LED daytime running lights are also on 2016 308 new design, and 308cc and 308sw have done the same changes. In addition, the 308 and its family of models equipped with a newly designed wheel shape. In terms of body size, 308 size of 4276 × 1815 × 1498mm, 308cc size of 4440 × 1817 × 1426mm, while the 308sw size of 4500 × 1815 × 1555mm. Inside, the 2016 Peugeot 308 in style and not much changed, but the materials used in interior trim work and interior improvements to further improve passenger comfort. And increased the panoramic sunroof, dual-zone air conditioning, GPS navigation and JBL audio systems.

Cruze Hatchback

Cruze Since entering the China market, has been in the A-class car market was a very eye-catching. Last October’s Paris Motor Show, officially unveiled the hatchback had Cruze, but that Cruze hatchback concept car. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Chevrolet will officially launch the production version of the hatchback Cruze, this time it’s enough eye-catching appearance. The appearance of a compact hatchback edition models, the most concern is the rear part, it is learned that the car in Australia by GM’s Holden division design, it is dynamic. Cruze is expected to follow the sedan hatchback version of the power configuration. Cruze car during the year, both sides expected a formal market in Europe and Asia, the country will also soon expected to usher in this new hatchback sports car.

2016 KIA RIO

2016 Kia RIO will debut in Geneva Motor Show this year. Europe had reported before the cutting-edge will be called K2, but the recent KIA ( microblogging ) insiders say the final name of the new models will be the K3, it is learned that the car is possible in the Chinese market after the Shanghai auto show on the replacement. Prominent feature of the new Europe, including sharp eye-catching headlamps, the rich sense of aggression under the air intake and a new “pinch”-type front grille, while body length, width and wheelbase dimensions and other important it has also increased This improved interior space and highway stability, while also slightly lower roofline, thereby improving the overall exterior design. In interior design, center console and K5 relatively similar shape, style, movement of the same bias. Dynamic, is expected to follow the old models still on the sharp 1.4-liter in Europe and two 1.6-liter engine, maximum power, respectively 70kw and 82kw.

Audi A3

Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen Audi A3 will feature a new sedan concept car, the car will show consumers the next generation Audi A3 production model will have the appearance of the shape and design. From the concept car version, the new models feature a bold design. The application of the concept car Audi A3 and challenging spirit of the body front end, distinctive headlights and rear ramp shaped truncated style distinctive appearance of the car, the car overall body length is 4000mm, width 1840mm, height 1390mm. Overall, this concept car Audi A3 body size than the current way of market sales of imported cars A3 size has been reduced. Audi A3 is based on the current status of imported cars sold in China market, sources said the FAW-Volkswagen Audi will introduce a new generation Audi A3 2016 sedan as the domestic models, and that the body length of the new models will be 4500mm, This and our introduction of this concept car A3 there is some discrepancy in size, but the concept is not equal to the production model, perhaps in the future, perhaps made the A3 sedan is to A3 we see this as model developed models yet.

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-class

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class models are mid-term change, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, is expected to be formally introduced this summer made. Appearance, the new C-class has been redesigned nose, with a new style headlights and front grille, front and rear bumpers also used distinctive features of the lines. At the same time, it also equipped with a new aluminum hood to reduce weight. In the interior design, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-class dashboard styling and positioning a higher E-class cars have many similarities, the main central information dashboard screen with the driver as a single entity, the steering wheel, decorative panels and air conditioning out there is a certain air changes shape. Power, there will be a variety of engines for the 2016 C-class service. Entry level is a 1.8-liter turbo engine, tuned slightly increased compared to the preceding paragraph, the maximum power of 150kw (older 135kw), maximum torque 310N.m (older 270N.m), acceleration time of hundred kilometers 7.1 seconds (the old section of 8.4 seconds).

Mitsubishi Global Small

Global Small Mitsubishi concept car will be officially released at the Geneva Motor Show, powered by fuel-efficient 1.0-liter and 1.2 liter engine. It is reported that this new small car is expected soon in the future, Global Small Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi production. Mitsubishi Global Small and stylish, whether it is a distinctive style headlamps, a slightly sloping roof arc, or its unique style door handles, are some bright spots. Although the body size, but relatively large interior space, it is learned enough to accommodate five adults. The five small car production version will be starting in March 2016 the third in the Mitsubishi plant put into operation in Thailand, off the assembly line in all major global markets will also be on sale. The car’s design also suggests a new generation of Colt’s design, but Mitsubishi has not yet confirmed that this “global small car,” whether its current models style landing the European market.