Easy Family-Friendly Car Racing Games for All Ages: “Cars 2” Racing Game and Wheel for TV

If you are looking for family friendly car racing games that don’t require that you drop a few hundred smackers on a brand new video game console, accessories and software, then check this out, fellow racing game fans. The popular animated film series, Cars, has already released a second smash-hit, Cars 2. Now, you and your entire family can join the adventure by getting in on this plug and play game with collectible racing wheel.


The Scoop on this game…

The game features 18 different racing adventures and is rated for play by ages four or older; or basically “E” for everyone. Take to the wheel on the controller, which features a scaled wheel and shifter pedal, as you race, battle and outwit your opponents. Play as three of your favorite characters from the movie: Lightning McQueen, Mater and Fin McMissile. The game requires three AAA and four AA batteries to play. It plugs into virtually any television set via the RCA cables. You don’t have to buy any software, consoles or other games. Product costs about $40 at most online retailers. Once you get you a copy of this game, simply insert the batteries, connect it to your TV and you are ready for hours of wholesome car racing games and unending fun.