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Body shape design of two pairs of contradictions

Hyundai Motor The pursuit of comfort, power and safety performance, these requirements shape the design of the body constitutes a contradiction.

First of all, ride comfort requires sufficient interior space, and to get extra space will increase the size of car appearance. Dimensions of motor vehicles, especially cross-sectional size increases, the frontal area is bound to increase in vehicle directly affects the carDrag coefficient. In this way, comfort and dynamic performance to constitute a contradiction. This conflict is relatively low in the car when the speed has little effect on the early box-style car is basically the car’s appearance needs to complete the internal design.


With the development of automotive technology, increasing the speed of vehicles, the drag on more and more prominent contradictions. Research shows that as speed increases, the resistance increase is small and the road is a big increase in wind resistance. General box car, the speed below 30 kilometers per hour, consumed power is greater than on the road to overcome the resistance the power consumed by air resistance. In more than this rate, the power consumption to a sharp drag on the increase. To the rate of about 70 kilometers per hour, the power required to overcome wind resistance will exceed the road resistance. If the speed of 100 km per hour, most of the power to overcome drag on the consumption.

Drag the two main factors, first, frontal area, and second vortex. The main measures to reduce the frontal area is to reduce the height of car. To reduce carWidthAlthough it can reduce the cross-sectional area, but generally not as good as a highly significant decrease. In order to retain sufficient internal space to ensure a comfortable passenger space, the car section can not be arbitrarily reduced. To further reduce the air resistance, it is necessary to reduce vehicle traffic generated from the eddy current start.

We often see in the street after passing a number of large trucks, road dust, paper Da Zhezhuan everywhere, this is the car driving the formation of the vortex of air stirring. Car windscreen, roof, side, rear vortex can be generated. Of the most effective means of eddy currentWind tunnelTest, still in the tunnel-type car model space, the body is surrounded by high-speed flow of air, so to simulate the conditions of a high-speed car. Various parts of the body through the installation of sensing devices measure the air movement. To understand the motion of vortex. Studies have shown that, with the streamlined body of the car the best performance against vortex.

Streamlined body of the longitudinal section and the shape similar to airplane wings, high speed will produce lift, have a negative effect on driving stability. This raises a second contradiction, namely, power and security conflicts. In order to increase stability,Hyundai MotorStreamlined body shape, based on the continuous improvement of the body center of gravity forward, the former low-high, increasing the relative area of the rear longitudinal section, increase stir flow plate and so on.

Comfort and power, power and stability, how to resolve the contradiction between the two constitutes the main topic of the body design history. The car body from the box, the Beatles-based development to the ship, type of wedge and the drip now, and many of these variants on the basis of shape, its intrinsicDriverPower is the contradiction between the balance of these two processes. Car body design process, from a simple development from the inside out to the outside to inside, inside and outside the union way.

The five components of drag cars

Body design is a lot of knowledge, one of the important content is the drag problem.

Usually means that the drag cars are mostly produced by interaction of external and airflow resistance. In fact, the air flowing through the vehicle’s interior is also driving the car constituted resistance. The results show that the role of resistance in the car by 5-part.

First, the shape resistance, the motor vehicle front body positive pressure and negative pressure difference between the rear of the formation of resistance, about 58% of the air resistance;

Second, interference resistance, outstanding surface of the motor vehicle parts, such asBumper, Mirrors, front license, drainage channels, chassis and other transmission interference caused by air resistance produced, accounting for 14% of the air resistance;


Third, the internal resistance of the motor vehicle interior air flow, cooling the engine air currents caused by the resistance, about 12% of the air resistance;

Fourth, the lift produced by the high speed caused by the resistance, aerodynamic drag accounts for about 7%;

Fifth, the friction of the air flow relative to the body, accounting for 9% of the air resistance;

For the first, two kinds of resistance, the car body design should be streamlined as much as possible, not too much cross-sectional area, body parts with the appropriate arc transition, to minimize the outstanding body attachment, front face, the engine hatch, before the wind Tilt the glass properly, the rear window, after the roof of the length, angle of the design should be appropriate. In addition, you can install in place deflector or spoiler. By studying the airflow car outside the law can not only design a more reasonableBody structureCan also be cleverly steering flow, the appropriate use of the scouring action of the local airflow to reduce car off the dust deposition.

For the fourth resistance, to try to reduce the moving lift, including the former low after the high strings, backplanes upturned tail of the appropriate installation guide plate and the spoiler and other measures.

Part of the external air is introduced vehicle’s interior, may be reduced to some extent, the external air flow resistance of the car, but the air in the internal airway through the friction generated when, vortex losses. Flow of vehicles within the law, you can try to reduce internal air resistance, effectively cooling and ventilation. Use of air distribution, but also skillfully arranged inlet of the engine high pressure areas, to improve intake efficiency and reduce the pressure near the vortex, while the exhaust port area of low pressure scheduled to make the exhaust more smoothly.

Careful readers may have noticed, the above discussion with a number of non-restrictive terms, such as “appropriate” to use five times. Some readers may want to use some precise figures to express, such as the backward angle, fillet radius and so on. This involves the overall design concept of the body. Drag the whole structure is built on the concept car, a model car the best geometrical parameters, in the other models are not applicable. A small change is often a huge impact on the overall, is the so-called affect the situation as a whole. The data on technical books are strictly defined test conditions, the specific range of vehicles for test results. Without these preconditions, the data is ridiculous.

In order to reduce air drag coefficient, the shape of future models will be used to smooth curves to smooth the transition line blanking the car body. Wai Wai front and side, front wall, side panels and hood, and side after the Wai Wai are used in places smooth transition, under the hood tilt forward, the rear cover after a short while Gao Qiao, Ji daughter board back after contraction, using a large curved glass windshield, and the smooth transition with the roof, front windscreen and the horizontal angle is generally between 25 degrees -33 degrees, the phase level and the body side, front and rear lamps, door handle embedded in car body, body surface smooth and bright and clean as possible, the vehicle covered with a flat cover, lower the wholeHeightDegrees, etc., these measures will help reduce air resistance coefficient.

The evolution of car styling

Approaching car, the first is its appearance attracted. Look how the different faces of evolution?

As vehicle speed increases,DragIssues to the design schedule up, especially pay attention to the speed of small cars. Reduce the air resistance there are two main ways to reduce frontal area and the use of streamlined shape.

Lower compartmen Height Can effectively reduce the frontal area, for example, what is known as “ship” body shape, divided into the engine compartment, passenger cabin and luggage compartment, as the cockpit was built on the deck of the ship, increasingLengthReduce the height, effectively reduce the frontal area. We know that as a tool to take the load, reduction of frontal area is limited, called “wedge” of high-speed vehicles in terms of reducing frontal area can be described as a climax, but a small wedge of carrying space, and more as a car.


And streamlined to reduce air flow through the body can be generated when the eddy current, thereby reducing the resistance. For example,BeetleShape of the car to have a more obvious streamlined shape, a typical representative of the GermanPublicAutomobile production plants, “Beetle”Car. It hopes streamlined, but not the same car the ideal streamlined shape. It is commonly used in a variety of streamlined deformation, such as the hatchback, fish-shaped, drip-shaped … … or some combination of them.

So, streamlined than specific models. Streamline is the vortex of air flow does not produce the ideal shape, streamlined application the highest state of an airplane wing. The beetle-type, fish type, wedge-shaped, drip-type has a different degree of streamlined features, but as the carriage of the land for the purpose of conveyance, absolute streamlined is unrealistic. Streamline also has its drawbacks, is produced when high-speed lift, of driving stability. To overcome this drawback, the designers also installed in the car body panels and spoiler diversion.

Arbitrary shape? If you do not take into account wind resistance, is not to be free to children as building blocks to create a variety of different shapes of the cars? The main function of automotive parts are some big guys, engine,Transmission、SteeringWhich devices are accounted for … … place. If there is light and efficient energy, if a button with a line instead of mechanical transmission components, if all the parts are made of the module and through a common interface to connect, if all these technologies have been practical, you and I can dream be achieved.

Today, that dream car has been in the 2002 North American Auto Show revealed its Zou type.General Motors The company’s own magic (Autonomy) of theChassisSimilar to the slide, the center of the chassis has a standard access port, all the vehicle systems to easily and quickly connected with the chassis, chassis and body be based on random combinations assembled their own aspirations. Today it is a “Concept car”Tomorrow, it might be a commercial vehicle.

A streamlined shape



Racing Car Games

Racing car games are types of entertaining activities for people who want to defy speed. This kind of computer games lets players feel the adrenalin of conquering speed-an act that is dangerous to perform in real life.

Racing car games can let players use different types of cars. Programmers of racing car games can also design them in such a way that players will have the chance to modify their vehicles. There are also racing car games that task players to buy, maintain and sell their racing cars.


What are the advantages of playing racing car games?

Playing racing car games can offer people a lot of benefits. The following list could give an idea on the perks that one can get from playing racing car games:

Playing racing car games is a fun activity.

Racing car games are designed for kids and the kids at heart. Adults can unleash the little child in them when they play racing car games. Like all other games, racing car games can also help people to relax for a while. People who have racing car games can also use these activities as a means to temporarily their forget worries.

Racing car games can help in the development of eye and hand coordination.

Because racing car games are based on conquering time, players have to think fast. To win these games, players must be able to keep up with the speed of their racing cars by clicking or keying in commands quickly.

Playing racing car games enhances analytical thinking.

The difficulty in racing car games lies in their race tracks. Racing courses are always tricky. Players of racing car games need to develop ways to pass them successfully. People who frequently play racing car games are often required to analyse racing locations in be able to win.

Where can racing car games be found?

Racing car games are not hard to find. They are one of the basic games offered in arcade shops. You can also purchase your own racing car games in toy stores. Exhibits and expositions focusing on computer games can also feature the latest racing car games.

Also, these games are available on the Internet. There are a lot of browser-based racing car games that you can access for free. There are also web pages that let Internet users to download racing car games to their gaming devices such as computers.

Shape the future development of the car

The exterior design is a fantastic project, and sometimes people seem to get ahead into the next Century Sometimes it back several decades to create a classic retro charm; the other hand, design is the most stringent technology, it not only to consider a variety of aerodynamics, ergonomics, but also with various mechanical parameters, The virtual computer model of high-tech production is concentrated expression.


Air resistance

As we all know, the faster the speed the greater the resistance, air resistance and vehicle speed proportional to the square. If the air resistance accounts for a large percentage of motor cars and the resistance will increase vehicle fuel consumption, or seriously affect the car’s dynamic performance. According to the test, a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in vehicles,EngineOutputPowerThe eighty percent will be used to overcome air resistance, reduce air resistance, can effectively improve the economy driving the car, so car designers attach great importance to aerodynamics. In introducing the article on car performance recurring “Air resistance coefficient”Aerodynamics is one of the special terms, but also to measureModernCar performance parameters.

The design of the future shape of a car, the lift is the premise of not increasing as much as possible reduce the air resistance.

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What followed after this unique gaming gem was unfortunately just a random carbon copy reminiscent of Twisted Metal called MotorStorm: Apocalypse. We highly advise that you veer away from that $5 dust bin bargain shopper buzz kill, and do yourself a favor and just pick up a copy of the original if you desire a different flavor of car racing games, as the apocalyptic version is just plain silly and peevish, and to be quite honest underdone and dull. However, if you seek racing tills with a different twist and plenty of options, be sure to wrap your hands around this sweet pleaser.

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