Bumper Safer

Ease outside bumper impact absorbing, protective front and back of the safety device body. Twenty years ago, the car front and rear bumpers are metal based, with a thickness of 3 mm or more into a U-channel steel stamping, surface treatment, chrome, and the frame rails riveted or welded together, and there is a body the larger the gap, if it is a add up the parts.

With the auto industry, car bumpers as an important safety device but also to the innovation of the road. In addition to today’s cars to keep the original front and rear bumper protection, but also the pursuit of harmony and unity with the body shape, the pursuit of their lightweight. To achieve this purpose, the current car with a plastic front and rear bumpers Xing, known as the plastic bumper.


Plastic bumper is from the outside panels, beams and other cushioning materials, and consists of three parts. In which the outer plate and buffer material made of plastic, beams with a thickness of about 1.5 mm cold-rolled sheet metal from U-groove; outer plate and the cushioning material attached to the beam, the beam and the frame rails screw connection, you can always dismantled. The plastic used in plastic bumper and large systems using two kinds of polyester and polypropylene materials systems, the use of injection molding into the legal system. For example,Beautiful405 bumper cars, using a polyester material and the Department of reaction injection molding method used made; and publicAudi100、Al GoreFu, ShanghaiSantana, TianjinCharadeBumper cars and other models, the use of materials of polypropylene injection molding system into the legal system. Overseas there is a plastic called polycarbonate ester series, infiltrated alloy composition, the use of alloy injection molding method, processing out of the bumper not only has high strength rigid, but also has the advantage can be welded, and the coating performance, in the amount of cars is increasing.

Plastic bumper with strength, rigidity and decorative, from a security point of view, when a collision car cushion to protect the front and rear body, in appearance, can be combined with the body naturally in the piece, totally into one, with good decoration, as decorative appearance of the important parts of cars.