Body shape design of two pairs of contradictions

Hyundai Motor The pursuit of comfort, power and safety performance, these requirements shape the design of the body constitutes a contradiction.

First of all, ride comfort requires sufficient interior space, and to get extra space will increase the size of car appearance. Dimensions of motor vehicles, especially cross-sectional size increases, the frontal area is bound to increase in vehicle directly affects the carDrag coefficient. In this way, comfort and dynamic performance to constitute a contradiction. This conflict is relatively low in the car when the speed has little effect on the early box-style car is basically the car’s appearance needs to complete the internal design.


With the development of automotive technology, increasing the speed of vehicles, the drag on more and more prominent contradictions. Research shows that as speed increases, the resistance increase is small and the road is a big increase in wind resistance. General box car, the speed below 30 kilometers per hour, consumed power is greater than on the road to overcome the resistance the power consumed by air resistance. In more than this rate, the power consumption to a sharp drag on the increase. To the rate of about 70 kilometers per hour, the power required to overcome wind resistance will exceed the road resistance. If the speed of 100 km per hour, most of the power to overcome drag on the consumption.

Drag the two main factors, first, frontal area, and second vortex. The main measures to reduce the frontal area is to reduce the height of car. To reduce carWidthAlthough it can reduce the cross-sectional area, but generally not as good as a highly significant decrease. In order to retain sufficient internal space to ensure a comfortable passenger space, the car section can not be arbitrarily reduced. To further reduce the air resistance, it is necessary to reduce vehicle traffic generated from the eddy current start.

We often see in the street after passing a number of large trucks, road dust, paper Da Zhezhuan everywhere, this is the car driving the formation of the vortex of air stirring. Car windscreen, roof, side, rear vortex can be generated. Of the most effective means of eddy currentWind tunnelTest, still in the tunnel-type car model space, the body is surrounded by high-speed flow of air, so to simulate the conditions of a high-speed car. Various parts of the body through the installation of sensing devices measure the air movement. To understand the motion of vortex. Studies have shown that, with the streamlined body of the car the best performance against vortex.

Streamlined body of the longitudinal section and the shape similar to airplane wings, high speed will produce lift, have a negative effect on driving stability. This raises a second contradiction, namely, power and security conflicts. In order to increase stability,Hyundai MotorStreamlined body shape, based on the continuous improvement of the body center of gravity forward, the former low-high, increasing the relative area of the rear longitudinal section, increase stir flow plate and so on.

Comfort and power, power and stability, how to resolve the contradiction between the two constitutes the main topic of the body design history. The car body from the box, the Beatles-based development to the ship, type of wedge and the drip now, and many of these variants on the basis of shape, its intrinsicDriverPower is the contradiction between the balance of these two processes. Car body design process, from a simple development from the inside out to the outside to inside, inside and outside the union way.

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