The evolution of car styling

Approaching car, the first is its appearance attracted. Look how the different faces of evolution?

As vehicle speed increases,DragIssues to the design schedule up, especially pay attention to the speed of small cars. Reduce the air resistance there are two main ways to reduce frontal area and the use of streamlined shape.

Lower compartmen Height Can effectively reduce the frontal area, for example, what is known as “ship” body shape, divided into the engine compartment, passenger cabin and luggage compartment, as the cockpit was built on the deck of the ship, increasingLengthReduce the height, effectively reduce the frontal area. We know that as a tool to take the load, reduction of frontal area is limited, called “wedge” of high-speed vehicles in terms of reducing frontal area can be described as a climax, but a small wedge of carrying space, and more as a car.


And streamlined to reduce air flow through the body can be generated when the eddy current, thereby reducing the resistance. For example,BeetleShape of the car to have a more obvious streamlined shape, a typical representative of the GermanPublicAutomobile production plants, “Beetle”Car. It hopes streamlined, but not the same car the ideal streamlined shape. It is commonly used in a variety of streamlined deformation, such as the hatchback, fish-shaped, drip-shaped … … or some combination of them.

So, streamlined than specific models. Streamline is the vortex of air flow does not produce the ideal shape, streamlined application the highest state of an airplane wing. The beetle-type, fish type, wedge-shaped, drip-type has a different degree of streamlined features, but as the carriage of the land for the purpose of conveyance, absolute streamlined is unrealistic. Streamline also has its drawbacks, is produced when high-speed lift, of driving stability. To overcome this drawback, the designers also installed in the car body panels and spoiler diversion.

Arbitrary shape? If you do not take into account wind resistance, is not to be free to children as building blocks to create a variety of different shapes of the cars? The main function of automotive parts are some big guys, engine,Transmission、SteeringWhich devices are accounted for … … place. If there is light and efficient energy, if a button with a line instead of mechanical transmission components, if all the parts are made of the module and through a common interface to connect, if all these technologies have been practical, you and I can dream be achieved.

Today, that dream car has been in the 2002 North American Auto Show revealed its Zou type.General Motors The company’s own magic (Autonomy) of theChassisSimilar to the slide, the center of the chassis has a standard access port, all the vehicle systems to easily and quickly connected with the chassis, chassis and body be based on random combinations assembled their own aspirations. Today it is a “Concept car”Tomorrow, it might be a commercial vehicle.

A streamlined shape



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