Shape the future development of the car

The exterior design is a fantastic project, and sometimes people seem to get ahead into the next Century Sometimes it back several decades to create a classic retro charm; the other hand, design is the most stringent technology, it not only to consider a variety of aerodynamics, ergonomics, but also with various mechanical parameters, The virtual computer model of high-tech production is concentrated expression.


Air resistance

As we all know, the faster the speed the greater the resistance, air resistance and vehicle speed proportional to the square. If the air resistance accounts for a large percentage of motor cars and the resistance will increase vehicle fuel consumption, or seriously affect the car’s dynamic performance. According to the test, a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in vehicles,EngineOutputPowerThe eighty percent will be used to overcome air resistance, reduce air resistance, can effectively improve the economy driving the car, so car designers attach great importance to aerodynamics. In introducing the article on car performance recurring “Air resistance coefficient”Aerodynamics is one of the special terms, but also to measureModernCar performance parameters.

The design of the future shape of a car, the lift is the premise of not increasing as much as possible reduce the air resistance.

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