Scalextric Slot Cars for the events industry.

Few people imagine Scalextric as something which belongs in the events and entertainment industry, these people couldn’t be more wrong. In fact slot car racing is one of the most fun versatile and stylish events you can have actual exhibition party or wedding.


A giant scalextrics can be exactly the right event and you should hire a scalextric entertainer to comes your company party. Firstly, this is a group activity in which people of all all ages, and genders and interest can join and participate.

There is something very special and unique about the competitive nature of slot car racing. It brings back happy memories of our childhood, and allows people two in really let go and enjoy themselves. There are many companies which offer this equipment and also arrive to the venue to entertain the people and Marshall the race by keeping score of who is winning.

Miniracing is a slot car racing specialised events company based in London who have been working in this industry for over 20 years, From this they have gained a reputation for excellence as well as delivering a product which is slightly different and cannot be found anyone else.


They have8-lane scalextric which means it larger groups of people can play I’d enjoy this game which makes it perfect small parties or even large parties or exhibitions. They even have a smaller model of Scalextric which is suited two exhibitions, and is designed to take up less space on exhibition and still have the wow factor. You can follow there Facebook and Twitter here.